ASU strongly encourages, and enables, the shared use of laboratory resources. Some of these are accessible to our group at no additional cost, some incur an hourly or daily rate (indicated by a $ sign). This is a selection of equipment available across campus, that are relevant to our work at 3DX Research.

Additive Manufacturing

  • Metal 3D Printer: Laser Powder Bed Fusion [Concept Laser]
  • Composite 3D Printer [Mark Forged]
  • Fused Deposition Modeling [Stratasys]
  • PolyJet [Stratasys]
  • Selective Laser Sintering [EOS]
  • Modular 3D Printer [Hyrel 3D]

Mechanical Testing

  1. Instron 8801 Fatigue Tester
  2. Instron 5565 Mechanical Tester


  1. Micro-CT Scanner with In-Situ Mechanical Load-frame [Zeiss, $]