Principal Investigator


Dhruv Bhate (ASU Bio Page)
– Associate Professor, The Polytechnic School,
– Affiliate Faculty, The Biomimicry Center,
– Graduate Faculty in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, School for Engineering of Matter, Transport & Energy

Brief CV
Professional Experience:
2017-present: Associate Professor, Arizona State University
2015-17: Sr. Technologist, Additive Manufacturing, PADT Inc. 2008-15: Packaging R&D Engineer and Manager, Intel Corporation
2003-04: Bass and singer-songwriter, The Blackbirds 2000-01: Engineering Co-Op, Tata Motors Education: 2008: PhD (Fatigue Modeling), Purdue University 2003: MS (MEMS Adhesion Modeling), University of Colorado at Boulder 2001: BS (Mechanical Engineering), College of Engineering, Pune


Prince  Dr. Prince Jeya Lal Lazar (started Spring ’21)


Mechanics of Multi-Material Cellular Structures


PhD Students

tyler-smith  Tyler Smith (started Fall’20)


Failure Modeling of Additively Manufactured Metallic Cellular Materials



yash Yash Mistry (started Summer ’20)

Bio-inspired Cellular Materials with Additive Manufacturing


Noe Cameron Noe (started Spring ’19)


Heat Pipes with Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Shinde-Mandar-2172a Mandar Shinde (started Fall ’18)


Dynamic behavior and energy absorption in metallic cellular materials

P1060495 Paul Paradise (started Fall ’18)


Process-Structure-Property Relationships for Thin Wall Inconel 718 Structures in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Irving Irving Edwin Ramirez Chavez (started Fall ’18)


Deformation and Energy Absorption in Aperiodic Cellular Materials


MS Students

Shawn Clonts (MS Thesis)


Surface modification with additive manufacturing for lunar dust mitigation

Athul Rajeev (MS Thesis)


On the role of node curvature in the mechanical behavior of cellular materials

Jordan  Jordan Yaple (MS Thesis)


Laser powder bed fusion of copper heat spreaders for thermal regulation




Sameer Naguib


Bio-inspired Multi-Material Cellular Structures



Andrew Sarrasin


Laser Powder Fusion of Copper for Thermal Management Applications



Nicole Van Handel


Measurement Science in Metal Additive Manufacturing: Density, Surface Roughness, Dimension




Alumni (updated 05/2021)

  • MS
    • Thesis
      • Samuel Temes (M.S. ’21) – LinkedIn
      • Anushree Saxena (M.S. ’21) – LinkedIn
      • Rajeshree Varma (M.S. ’21) – LinkedIn
      • Derek Goss (M.S. ’20) – LinkedIn
      • Dhiraj Patil (M.S. ’19) – LinkedIn
      • Raghav Sharma (M.S. ’19) –  LinkedIn
    • Applied Project
      • Andrew Creasman (M.S. ’20) – LinkedIn
      • Varun Agrawal (M.S. ’20) – LinkedIn
      • Bharath Santhanam (M.S. ’19) – LinkedIn
  • Undergraduates
    • Barrett Honors Thesis:
    • Austin Suder (B.S. ’23) – LinkedIn
    • Daniel Anderson (B.S. ’20) – LinkedIn
    • Daniel Bruce (B.S. ’21) – LinkedIn
    • Quoc Lam (B.S. ’18) –  LinkedIn

Research Collaborators

  • Prof. Clint Penick, Assistant Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology, at Kennesaw State University
  • Prof. Nikhilesh Chawla, Ransburg Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
  • Prof. Christine Lee, Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Cahit Ozturk, Research Technologist at the Bee Lab, Arizona State University
  • Prof. Kenan Song, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic School, Arizona State University
  • Prof. Xiangfan Chen, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic School, Arizona State University
  • Donald Godfrey, Senior Fellow, SLM Solutions, Inc.
  • Rey Chu, Director at Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc.
  • Dr. Alex Grishin, Consulting Engineer at Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc.
  • Magnus Ahlfors, Applications Engineer at Quintus Technologies, Inc.
  • Peter Hushek, President and CEO, Phoenix Heat Treating, Inc.

Group Photos

November 2019Group_2019(left to right): Yash Mistry, Derek Goss, Daniel Bruce, Austin Suder, Dhruv Bhate, Mandar Shinde, Dhiraj Patil, Irving Ramirez Chavez, Daniel Anderson, Paul Paradise, Varun Agrawal, Cameron Noe. Picture credits: Kevin Steverson